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electric vehicles: MetroRide introduces e-autos from Indiranagar Metro Station to EGL in Bengaluru

AI-driven electric mobility platform MetroRide on Tuesday launched electric autos between Indiranagar metro station and Embassy Golf Links (EGL) in Bengaluru. The cost of these rides starts at Rs 10.

The electric shared mobility platform enables the customers to make their daily metro commute Affordable, quick and carbon-free, the company said in a press release.

MetroRide CEO Girish Nagpal said the company will actively work with the government, Namma Metro and traffic authorities to ensure its solution helps the city to decongest by enabling people to shift to greener commute solutions and shared mobility.

Its Chief Technology Officer Kaaman Agarwal said Indiranagar, as one of the important areas in Bengaluru, is surrounded by tech parks and office spaces. “Our simple-to-use app ensures that the daily commuters are able to book rides in just 2 clicks & get a hassle-free experience free of any haggling and exact change issues,” he said.

In seven months since its launch, MetroRide has catered to 75,000 customers with an average of just 2.01 minutes of wait time per ride, the press release said. The startup targets high-frequency destinations to offer first and last-mile connectivity, using AI & IoT-based solutions

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